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Rostovchane have started to save by a taxi, dinners and calls

In the conditions of crisis everyone, as it is known, survives as can, the blessing experience 91 - go and 98 - go in luggage already is available. Here and rostovchane as it was found out, after several years concerning stable life again learn to count up attentively expenses and incomes of the family budget.

- 100 roubles to the centre? And for 150 you will go? - The taxi driver whom the correspondent has stopped in area Selmasha has asked again. Having heard in the answer firm Hundred, and it is no more obrechenno has sighed:

- Sit down, I agree! After all two hours as has left for work, and any client... Earlier for same it is a high time was in time to make roubles 600 - 700, and now in any way. Even with Western and Northern, whence people call traditionally in the mornings a taxi to be in time for work in time, now calm. My colleagues already literally for clients have started to arrange fights: One of these days, for example, on Voroshilovsky two were linked, when have simultaneously stopped on a wave of the voting... There is no place so now to disappear, we will carry and for such money - though any gain.

In the meantime rostovchane start to resort to even more cardinal anti-recessionary measures, than refusal of taxi services. The increasing number of office workers now   prefers to spend lunch breaks on a workplace, grasping meal from the house.

- That truth - that truth, - admitted waitress Irina in one of cafe on TSGB, leading round considerably pogrustnevshim a sight almost empty institution in a lunch break. - and the prices have not changed almost, and in the evening of a hall happen are overflowed, and here with an hour about two days of people now it is not enough... But and plus is: choose any pleasant place!

- Our old kind tormozki Manage time in two more cheaply business - lunches, - the employee of the building company Anna Stolnikova speaks . - So benefit is available!
Other variant of economy - calls from cellular telephones. The familiar owner of several terminals for mobile communication fee has told that gathering from these automatic machines were considerably reduced.

- In holidays there was a peak of activity of subscribers, but then when new year remained behind and there has come everyday life, at once it became obvious: people have started to value balance on an abacus of the mobile phones. If not by quantity of calls on duration of conversations, - the expert of the cellular company has told to us.


And you on what was cut down by expenses?

Evgenie GORDEYEV, the programmer:
- to Whom as, and crisis even has helped me! As soon as has understood that life will rise in price, has given up smoking. And here: 1 500 economies in a month -   it is healthy! However, here other misfortune: probably, from - for absence of nicotine to eat I became aloud more...

Andrey KLIMENKO, the bank employee:
- If it is fair, there were no reasons to tighten a belt: the salary give regularly, on life suffices. So that`s OK. At least, while.

Tatyana antipova, the homemaker:
- the Misfortune simply! The husband has told: crisis, and since new year gives now to me of less money for a beauty salon... Though also quotations there have not especially changed, it should to give superfluous 300 - 500 roubles, will think!.

Michael ZAGORNYJ, eks - the director for civil engineering firm advertising:
- One work I have lost, on the second pay irregularly so at me the question costs not about economy, and about a survival on a broader scale! Expenditure go only on prime items of expenses: Products, the child, the spouse. It is necessary to think out urgently something to adjust life!

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