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Advice before examination:

the Terrible word session has found a real embodiment in consultations, a night sit-round gathering of the abstract and... A dream in the company zachetki, lectures and textbooks. More superstitiously students of the people are not present. On the eve of Tatjanina of day we have collected here the sacramentals piously observed by the vladimirskiy students.

Sacramental 1 Freebie, be caught!

the Student is obliged to expose opened zachetku at midnight in a window and to shout with all the might: the Freebie, a freebie, be caught! . Then it is necessary to slam a seine that desired extraction has not slipped away to the neighbour, and to put zachetku under a pillow, preliminary strong having tied up a rope. To open it it is possible only at examination, and that a freebie you will miss.

the Alternative variant: to run out in underwear on street with shout: the Freebie, come! usually so guys, and under windows of girls do. The appeal thus gets wide sense.

Opinion of the sceptic

And if the watchman does not start up back in a hostel? So instead of the five the pneumonia can be earned. And more confuses limitirovannost freebies... Its time so is easy for missing to the neighbour, a leah it is necessary windy to hope for it?

Sacramental 2. We sleep correctly

At night before examination to put under a pillow of a piece of paper with numbers of tickets. Having woken up in the morning, to pull out, without looking, one piece of paper. What number of the ticket on it will be, that and will pull out at examination.

at the Same night under a pillow there should be all textbooks and lectures (in the opened kind) in which there is a material for examination, and in feet to lie the chocolate. Speak, at the night of knowledge can slip out the student through feet. The chocolate will absorb them, and for the morning you will eat it - so knowledge will not be lost.

Opinion of the sceptic

Those who though time slept on textbooks and writing-books with a chocolate in feet recognise: a head after that square, and feet stick to socks (I do not say that it is necessary to eat chocolate scrubbing away it from a bed-sheet).

Sacramental 3. Cleanliness - failure pledge!

To good luck turn in the house all chairs and stools upwards legs.

It is impossible to wash a head on the eve of examination, differently you will forget everything that knew. Also it is impossible to have a shave, be cut, bathe, comb wet hair, to be painted, fill a bed. Do not give the things to another - you will seize to steam . It is impossible to buy new things, and on a broader scale is better all session to go in old and nestirannom.

it is bad, when you laugh much, you will necessarily cry from - for a failure.

the Opinion of the sceptic

is visible, the kind of the started student should call compassion the teacher or, at least, the desire to get off it faster. Estimate, with whom it is more pleasant to sit to chat to the teacher: with the well-groomed cheerful beauty or with slovenly badly smelling and aching creation? In the first case not a sin and to a repeating an examination to invite... And in the second - will submit a trifle. It is no more three.

Sacramental 4. Drink, yes business understand!

If to get drunk before examination you will necessarily hand over on five. However there is a sign saying that three days prior to examination it is impossible to drink in nowise. Here solve.

Leaving the house, take a holy water sip, take with itself a talisman, do not forget to be looked in a mirror, and to send to hell in reply to a wish: Good luck!

Still before leaving the house to eat a slice of rye bread, and then before examination is nothing and not to drink.

Opinion of the sceptic

If you are not assured of ability of the teacher to compassion to drink (it is a question not of holy water) nevertheless better after examination. And on examination it is better to take a chocolate: and a tone to itself lift if something happens, and hunger satisfy.

Sacramental 5. Hands - in feet!

To go to institute it is necessary lucky a way: on it to you already when - that carried. It is obligatory to pay for the ticket in transport.

Enter into audience only from the right foot, preliminary having dropped zachetku and having elicited at companions a kiss in a nose.

the Ticket take exclusively left hand, standing on the right foot.

Opinion of the sceptic

Totally ludicrous... You will drop zachetku - you will let out a freebie!

And here for transport it is better to pay - and that will tie and on examination you will not get.

Sacramental 6 Smear hands with prunes

From a malefice and on good luck before session it is necessary to fasten on left (!) Wrist two threads of contrast tones.

For full confidence of success, having entered into audience, count there all windows. If their number appears even - has carried.

Before pulling the ticket - smear hands with prunes that the good mark has stuck.

If spurs I correspond to tickets - necessarily all you will hand over.

During examination someone should abuse.

it is possible to Work only as the handle from what earlier has received a good estimation.

the Opinion of the sceptic

only to remember all these signs is necessary for time not less, than on storing of a material of the average ticket.

Sacramental 6. To you zachot!

In zachetke it is impossible for the first to put physical culture

not to open zachetku most is the teacher should do only. If have suddenly dropped zachetku, quickly sit down on it, and good luck precisely from you will not turn away.

Opinion of the sceptic

the Risky course. Person promptly sitting down on a floor should call in the teacher confusion and vague suspicions in your mental health. And if these suspicions also become stronger what you speak at the answer?

Sacramental 7 Main thing

And, the most important thing, do not tell a sign which use before examinations, will not work differently.

Opinion of the sceptic

the piece of good advice - not to listen to advice. Including it.

Where in Vladimir to celebrate Day of the student?

on January, 25th, nochnorj club the Velvet 22. 00
Day of the student - 2009
to Tatyanas - an input free, under the student`s card - discounts
the address: pr - t Builders, 20

on January, 24th, Z - club, 22. 00
Tatjanina night
the address: street Of noble family, 10

on January, 24th, Fate - Cheburechnaja 21. 00
a group concert Kihot
an input: 150 rbl.
the address: World street, a stop the Hostel of VlGU

on January, 25th, Fate - Cheburechnaja 20. 00
group Mohito
an input: 100 rbl.
the address: World street, a stop the Hostel of VlGU

on January, 25th, a concert hall of S.I.Taneeva, 18. 00
performance Pokrovsk gate
Director Lev Rahlin
in performance such stars of cinema as Elena Zaharova, Andrey Fedortsov, Andrey Noskov and others are occupied.
the ticket price: 600 - 1100 rbl.
the address: Lenin`s prospectus, 1

on January, 25th, night club the Sun 18. 00
Play: the Collection of days (Ufa), TRICK SHOTS (Vladimir), JET PACKS (Vladimir), 380VOLT (Vladimir)
the ticket Price: 200 rbl.
the address: street Big Moscow, 33

on January, 25th, the Ice palace poljaris
Tatyanas can go skating at half price, and students with 21. 00 to 24. 00 the fads in hire can take free.
on January, 25th, a cinema kinomaks - the Petrel - students and Tatyanas can descend on any session for 100 roubles.



At the third-year students who have closed session one more feast - so-called " approaches; equator . These are two and a half a year of study behind, that is, exactly half of term.
equator It is traditionally marked on the nature and has, as well as all student`s feasts, the traditions and ceremonials.
it is necessary to draw a chalk line on a University threshold, to step over it and to drink a glass of vodka, it is better without appetizer, but it is possible and to have a snack. Other variant (already for the nature): to draw line on snow, to creep and drain a pile. For special ekstremalov line is drawn on a threshold of dean`s office and besides successful transition through equator it is marked by vodka.