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Komi the Atlantic heat

On days off has warmed Republic has warmed Komi a cyclone from the West. In Ukhta warm air of the visitor has warmed up air to 0 - 7 degrees. Such temperature above norm more than on 10 degrees, inform news agency Meteonews .

However this cyclone in Komi for a long time will not be late - it to go further on the east.

And on its place ice cold Arctic air from Kara sea will come. By calculations of weather forecasters, the cold snap will amplify only, and in the latter half of the week the region will be captured by hard frosts, informs Komiinform .

In first half of week 30 - ti gradusnye frosts are expected in northern and central areas. In southern areas at a light snow, frosts, basically, moderated: the minus 12 - 17, but on Thursday - Friday is probability, as in Syktyvkar and to the south, frosts will amplify to a minus of 30 degrees, and in the central areas to a minus 35 - 40.

the Adverse synoptic situation at which in region there are strong frosts, on predesigns, will be kept to the middle of the first week of February.