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Unique musical collection from in Voronezh: Great composers (volume 14: Rihard Wagner)

On sale since January, 26th

On sale since January, 26th.

Rihard Wagner
1. The overture to an opera Tangejzer
2. The overture to an opera the Flying Dutch
3. The introduction to III action of an opera Loengrin
4. The introduction and death Isoices from an opera Tristan and Isoice
5. A mourning march from an opera the Twilight of the gods (3 d.)
6. Flight valkiry from an opera Valkirija (3 d.)
Records 1963 (2), 1965 (3, 6), 1978 (1, 4 - 5)
the Academic symphonic orchestra of the Leningrad state philharmonic society
the Conductor - Evgenie Mravinsky (1, 3 - 6)
the Orchestra of the State philharmonic society
the Conductor - David Ojstrah (2)


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