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To Lithuania without the visa we will go not soon

In the end of December the new Minister for Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Vigaudas USHATSKAS has declared that Lithuania - for visa privileges kaliningradtsam. At level of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the European Union I intend to suggest to consider possibility of introduction of a visa-free regime for inhabitants of the Kaliningrad region at entrance to Lithuania. Probably, such mode could operate at entrance to Poland, any other countries - head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed a position of the new cabinet. However it has appeared that in Eurocommission about this statement at all did not hear.

- We do not know about such offer, - has informed the head of political department of Representation of Eurocommission in the Russian Federation Taneli of Lahti. - however anyway the separate EU Member State cannot odnostoronne make the decision on cancellation of a visa regime for citizens of the third countries.

- However, - head of a political department has reminded, - EU Member States have possibility to agree with the countries - neighbours who are not included into EU, about local frontier movement. It will allow inhabitants of frontier areas to cross border without the visa.

Taneli of Lahti meant position about 30 - a kilometre zone when inhabitants of frontier areas living in its limits can go abroad under special passes. However, within the same of 30 kilometres.

- In the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs any day wait delegation of Lithuania, like as business goes to the contract conclusion, - the head of the international committee of regional Duma Boris BATALIN has told. - As to free visas for kaliningradtsev, Europeans are not ready to discuss this question yet, and here concerning simplification of trips of our inhabitants to Ukraine and Belarus negotiations have moved. It has appeared that in Eurocommission did not know that kaliningradtsam for trips to these countries transit Lithuanian visas everyone on 35 euro were required, and they have promised to pay to this problem steadfast attention.