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In Irkutsk became more workplaces

In the end of December Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has let out the new order. On it the quantity of migrants which come to us on earnings, will decrease. In Irkutsk, for example, last year the quota for 2008 made 52 thousand persons, and on 2009 - j this figure have lowered to 39216. It on 26 % is less.

at the government on it was two reasons: crisis and reduction of workplaces. The measure should help to Russians to be arranged at least for temporary job.

It is valid an exit, - has told on a press - conferences deputy chief UFMS of Russia across the Irkutsk region Yury GARTNER. - Manufacture at many Irkutsk enterprises have frozen.

Therefore to involve additional labour from - for a boundary of sense is not present. Though they from anybody did not take away a piece of bread and do not take away. Our townspeople reluctantly agree to go to work on buildings, where conditions not the best, and the salary rather low.

the Innovation does not concern only those foreigners who have already arrived and work in our city. After at them term of the labour contract will end, they the same as also all the others, will recover home.

to Turn out them from the country has nobody the rights, only if they do not break the labour contract and the Russian legislation. Otherwise they are waited by court and exclusion from the country.