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Uzhel that Tatyana?.

Tatyana Smirnova marks in January and a name-day, and birthday.

Searches have crowned by success! Get acquainted: Tatyana Smirnova, the process engineer of management on researches and tests on BKRU - 2. It finishes study in Bereznikovsky branch PGTU.

the First tests

After leaving school Tatyana Smirnova entered the institute, but has not typed necessary points and has gone to work.

- Me has very much carried that I have come in Uralkaly - Tatyana tells. - On hands there was a certificate of the laboratorian of the chemical analysis which I have received on training courses in a graduation class, and I took in laboratory.

Within two months Smirnova trained at Irina Dubovikovoj, and that trained in its knowledge of a trade. Tanja knew only elements of work of the laboratorian, therefore all needed to study.

It has laid down for herself the aim - to master a trade. The first present examination has sustained, having got the admission to independent work. Certainly, it was difficult to keep up with skilled colleagues - laboratorians, but she very much tried not to bring them. And as vesper changes - eternal struggle against a dream were hard given! Now Tatyana remembers it with a smile.

  to Study, study and... To work

When Tatyana has come to laboratory, colleagues have given at once it a wise advice: Tanja, it is necessary to study . And it to it has followed. At first has entered technical school, then - in institute. Much should be mastered independently, something already met in practice.

- I see that in Uralkalii appreciate professionals. It is possible to promote and become successful only constantly being perfected, - Tatyana Smirnova considers. - It is assured, always is to that to study. I dream to become in the business by the high quality expert.

Working at the enterprise, Tanja all time studied, got hand in and grew professionally. Judge. Began the laboratorian of the second category, then became the laboratorian of the third, fourth, fifth categories. She could work in laboratories of all rudoupravleny. It has helped to study in details manufacture subtleties, to get useful experience.

In research group of management of researches and tests on the Second potash Tatyana two years. The young process engineer speaks about the work:

- I very much try. In what I am engaged is interesting to me...

Tanja was born in January and same month marks a name-day. In Tatjanin day it is congratulated by relatives, friends and colleagues. Last years the feast dropped out on the session end, therefore it was necessary to mark it with textbooks and zachetkoj in hands. By the way, soon Tatyana defends the diploma. So neither down to it nor a feather...

  the Most difficult examination

In the company Uralkaly it is a lot of students. And those who has ended for a long time high school, but in a shower remained young, and those who else gnaws a science granite. Here is how they have answered a question: what examination during study has appeared the most difficult and remembered?

Tatyana VAHONINA, the deputy chief of department by salary calculation:

- I Finish study in Bereznikovsky branch PGU on a speciality Accounting, the analysis and audit . The most difficult examinations for me a steel the financial reporting and economic geography. These subjects at studying have the reefs. In the beginning seem lungs, but you start to prepare - not here - that was. For example, economic geography. It is necessary to learn not only borders and position of all economic zones of Russia, but also to acquire, as the economy depends on geography. When you start to learn, easily to get confused. Who could think that the bookkeeper needs knowledge of school geography!

Michael ALTSEV, the chief of a site mazutosnabzhenija:

- After school at first has gone to mountain technical school, has then served in army and has entered on an evening department the institute. It was 40 years ago in Kazakhstan. To me in life carried on good teachers. Here and in technical school we were taught by the Leningrad bisons, the subjected to repression candidates of science - real professionals. To study at institute it was easier. The theory of cars and mechanisms was considered as the most difficult subject. There was such introduction: has handed over TMM - it is possible to marry. Really, in the beginning this discipline, but then when has understood was hard given, began to click problems as sunflower seeds. Much water has flowed under the bridges since student`s times. I worked at the different enterprises. Always studied at people with experience, learnt the new. Precisely I know: it is possible to fill all pockets diplomas, but the professional from it you will not become. If the person does not have pressing forward to development, practical work also the theory to it will not go for the future.

Anna ERMAKOVA, the engineer of department of the order on superficial complex BKRU - 4:

- I very much was afraid to hand over organic chemistry on the second year. To day of examination there was a rain. Being at home, I have thought: if the rain does not end - on examination I will not go. And here by appointed time of a cloud have dispersed, the sun has looked out. I left the house and while went to a stop, have thought of the second time: If the bus which does not stop near to the educational case comes, - I will not go. That is necessary has arrived just. Has come into institute and has thought in the third time: if an office in which examination is appointed, to the left of an input - I hand over, is not present - I go home. In the left wing of such office it has not appeared, and I have already decided that I will not pass examination. But at the input I was called by classmates. It was inconvenient to leave. It was necessary to hand over. Also it is necessary to notice: I have handed over on perfectly . And then same, as I, shivering fear, under - badrivala. Since then of examinations was not afraid.


  20 students PGTU in 2008 became owners of the nominal grant Uralkalija .

12 students of Bereznikovsky branch PGTU in 2008 became owners of the nominal grant Uralkalija .

1500 roubles the nominal grant " monthly makes; Uralkalija .

374 the employee Uralkalija study in high schools.

90 employees go into higher education at the expense of the company.

20 students are trained in Sankt - the Petersburg state college of mines in a direction Uralkalija .

4 400 000 roubles has listed Uralkaly in PGTU within the limits of the contract on cooperation in 2008. In BF PGTU - 3 600 000 roubles.

Four students and graduates PGTU and BF PGTU in 2008 have received the award Verhnekamsky potassium founded by the companies Uralkaly and Silvinit .

10 000 roubles - the size of the award Verhnekamsky potassium .

5 persons have entered PGTU on scarce specialities in a direction Uralkalija in 2008.

9 persons are trained in PGTU in a direction Uralkalija within the limits of cooperation between the enterprise and high school.