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Letters from front

I was born in Leningrad in 1957, was the late child at parents - by then my elder sister was 14 years old.

we Lived to the address the Neva avenue (then it was the prospectus on October, 25th), d. 82, sq. 54.

In this apartment all blockade was lived by mine grandfather Kiselyov Peter Gavrilovich (the participant of 1 world war), grandmother Tatyana Jakovlevna and their younger daughter of Paradise. Oldest daughter Tamara (my mum) in 1942 has left in the city of Sverdlovsk to the husband working on Uralmashzavode.

Average son Ivan was missing.

When I was born, the grandmother has already died, the grandfather was very old and spoke about war a little, but at me some letters which he wrote to my mum to Sverdlovsk from blockade Leningrad were saved.

Reading these letters, I have not found lines of complaints, travails, requests for the help.

the Belief in victory, in people of the great country, in soldiers of the Soviet army has helped to survive to inhabitants of Leningrad.

the Photo: it is sent G.M.Sajkinoj

My relatives were not lost in blockade Leningrad, but have lost many native and friends who have died of hunger, having lost grain cards, from a belly typhus, having drunk waters from the Bypass channel, someone has filled up with fragments of the destroyed by bombing house.

Mum remembered, how they cooked joiner`s glue, around Country   picked out cabbage cabbage stumps from - under snow.

In our family products were never thrown out, mum in day of Victory tried to visit on the Piskarevsky cemetery. Already there are no also my parents.

It would be desirable, that people longer remembered those horrors of war, about the lost wars thanks to which we live in not enslaved country, about leningradtsah, in a cold and hunger defended our perfect handsome man Leningrad.

Sajkina Galina Mihajlovna.

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