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The Ulyanovsk governor has started to answer questions of townspeople

already wrote that the Ulyanovsk governor Sergey Morozov plans to get the blog in the Network. (To read the Ulyanovsk governor will get the blog in LiveJournal .) We have asked townspeople to ask questions to Sergey Ivanovichu. In a press - to service of the regional government to us have explained that the electronic diary of Frosts yet has not got, and here to respond on Komsomol questions of the beginnings already.

So, Alexander Sokolov asked to carry on negotiations with administration SABMiller about manufacture possibility there nonalcoholic beer. One of these days it has received the official answer from the director of department of the foodstuffs, trade and to regulation of use of objects of fauna in which it is said that in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Ulyanovsk region the offer of the townsman have considered. Besides, it is explained that enterprise start is planned for March of next year. Alas, but some soft drink do not plan while to let out. But, considering a wish of Sokolov, the administration will consider possibility of manufacture of a foamy drink without degrees.