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The cat has disconnected the Ekaterinburg station

in the Evening about 20:00 in Tatjanin day a homeless cat has wanted to hide from a cold in a transformer box. An inscription do not get, will kill! has not stopped an illiterate animal. As a result the unfortunate was lost, having short-circuited the shaggy little body of a wire. And station Sverdlovsk - passenger has plunged into darkness.

- on the panel of the person on duty the call about kindling on Station - 22 has arrived, - have told in a press - service of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Sverdlovsk area. - to a fire have awarded number 1 ENCORE. On the area of 2 square metres in an extension basement to railway station in electropanel board has burnt down one transformer. The second has appeared is hurt.

fortunately, anybody from people as a result of state of emergency has not suffered. Firemen operatively evacuated people from a building. However it was necessary to be fidgety. Those who wanted to leave Ekaterinburg by an electric train, and could not make it during time. Cash desks without an electricity did not work, therefore tickets sold to nobody. And platform controllers were unshakable, and hares in cars did not start up.

Popoteli from - for the cat`s diversions and railwaymen. One of them had to incur functions an electronic board which too has gone out. The worker of the Russian Railway, having armed with a megaphone, aloud declared an arrival time and leaving of trains.
about nine evenings light at station has appeared again.