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In Ural Mountains on fire three kids

Tragedy were lost was played this night in settlement Shamary of Shalinsky area in the street Herzen. In the wooden small house not completed still there lived a family of Pshenichnikovyh: only seven children and mother. At three o`clock in the morning when the fire has flashed, all strong slept. Fire has extended almost instantly. The approached firemen could deduce all who was on the ground floor - mother and four kiddies.

- There still Petja, Katenka, Sevushka, - rushed about mother. - on the second floor
Rescuers   have taken out three kids on hands, but to return them to life it was not possible - children have choked in a smoke.

- six-year Vsevolod, two-year Petja and five years` Katya Pshenichnikovy were lost, - head has told a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area Valery Gorelyh.

  - These children spent the night on the second floor, the others - on the first. One more girl and mother of children with burns have taken away in hospital. Investigation is conducted.

Under the preliminary version, the fire has begun from an electroheater: whether it has broken and zaiskril, whether on it have left to dry clothes. Now the settlement authorities solve where to lodge unfortunate mother with kiddies.