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On Altai will note outstanding debtors

Analogues capital the Silver galosh handed over for the most doubtful successes in show - business, seemingly, became oh what popular and at us on Altai. In the end of the last year Barnaul power awarded malicious wreckers the Gold cable and at the very beginning of present local collectors ( vzimateli debts - bus Comments ) have decided to give out to the to clients under the similar award.

- Certainly, we do not count that someone from nominees is to receive the award the Debtor of year - the managing director kollektorskim agenstsvom " is frank Novel MAJZENGER; the Center - JUSB Altai . - But we hope for the big resonance. Awards we will hand over in several nominations - the Debtor - a phantom the Most promising debtor the Most long-playing debt . For all winners we will make special diplomas which, most likely, we will send to lawful owners by mail.

Already now there are some applicants for reception so honourable awards - for the clear reasons we will not disclose the name of these firms and a grief - businessmen.

- they should have a stimulus to repay debts next time not to get to lists of our nominees, - tells the Novel Vladimirovich.

the Award the Debtor of year carries zajavitelnyj character: if you want, that your unfair borrower has taken in it part, be converted to organizers. Their co-ordinates can be found to the address: http:// www. altusb. ru/.

By the way

On the threshold of New year kollektorskoe agency Center JUSB - Altai has given gifts to the debtors.   to a number of the companies, and also   To physical persons have been directed festively issued greeting cards signed by the managing director Center JUSB - Altai and the companies - creditors, and New Year`s gifts. To firms - to debtors -   depending on an amount of debt and from a manner of negotiating with collectors -   were handed over or a disk with the written down program of personal budgeting, or a set of stickers with a reminder on each leaf: not to forget to repay a debt!!! or the arch of Russian national proverbs and by-words about debts and a private responsibility.

to Debtors, thrown creditors for the round sum, refusing to carry on negotiations and concerning which work Center JUSB - Altai has been urged to put in statements in law enforcement bodies (under article   Swindle ), the sets consisting of a package of crackers, black tea, an aluminium mug and cigarettes " have been handed over; Belomor .