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We did not meet at all when Ilya has made my the proposal

During Valery`s this moment sat at a window and thought about something the.

- Both of us very believing people, - tells Lera. - Also have got acquainted in a camp-ground. But there we did not pay against each other any attention. The present relations have arisen between us later. We were simply friends, and besides friendship on what bolshem did not reflect at all.

After camp Ilya and Valery have parted on the cities. It - to Rostov, it - to native Ryazan. Soon Ilya has invited Leru and her sister on a visit. They have arrived. But also here Ilya`s relations and Lery have not outgrown in something bolshee. the Sparkle has run between us when I have arrived to Rostov to study, - tells Valery. - me have invited to live for the period of study Ilya`s parents. You will not believe, between us was not neither ardent declarations of love, nor flaming kisses, appointments. As - that we drank tea and looked at video wedding of recently got married acquaintances. During any moment I have turned away to a window, having reflected, and have suddenly heard: Lera, you will marry me? I there and then laughing has asked: You joke? - at all . And though the offer was very unexpected, I without meditations have responded: Yes .


Lera is how much good and Ilya know each other

Voprosy Lere:
- Ilya has favourite clothes?
- is not present... Any certain thing is not present (the right answer - black classical trousers).
- your husband loves meat or fish more?
- meat, certainly (the answer correct).

Questions to Ilya:
- If Lere should be chosen, what to accept from you a gift: a diamond necklace or a ring, its choice?
- I think, a necklace. It is more and more expensively (the right answer - a ring).
- what country Lera dreams to visit?
- probably, in India... (The right answer - Australia).

Julia and Nikolay Klacharsky have met four years ago.

the Husband everyone put makes for the sake of me exploits

Nikolay washes ware and vacuums in apartment.

- Acquaintance at us very banal, - is told by Julia. - we with little girls went along the street, towards - children... Someone knew someone earlier, little by little, have got to talking, and then and the others have got acquainted.

Nikolay at first sight was not pleasant to Julia. To be exact to tell, she simply has not paid to it attention. While girl-friends were not whispered: JUl, look, what guy! Nice, intelligent... Then Julia also has started to look narrowly.
Nikolay beautifully looked after. Flowers, gifts, love admitted brightly and in an original way. And it was pleasant at once to Julia`s parents. And it was fell in love by its native.
- know, now, when we are married, Kohl every day makes small exploits, - Julja smiles. - That ware pomoet will vacuum. All it very much is pleasant to me. Good it at me...


how much well Julia and Nikolay know each other

Voprosy Jule: a leah
Will go your husband to cinema to watch a film which it would be desirable to look to you, but it would not be desirable to look to it at all?
- Yes, I think, (right answer) will go.
- What colour there was a suit on Nikolay in the wedding day?
- black, satiny (right answer).

Questions to Nikolay:
- Julja sometimes uses cunning?
- Well, as well as all women, probably (the right answer - never!)
- What flowers were at Juli in hands in the wedding day?
- Oh, I do not remember... (The right answer - lilies).


Hello. My name is Konstantin. Very much I ask you to publish my declaration of love. Now for me it is a matter of life and death.

I very much love the girl, but at us the difficult period in relations has come. you my last hope.

Dear Natashenka!

To me very bitterly to think, understanding, about those moments that with you in quarrel we. When from trifles ridiculous we lose love fire, invaluable today. That love pure, gentle, kind, that that heat beam nurses our days!

my Bear cub, forgive me for my fieriness and daredevil acts and words.

Favourite, know that all it has been told not from harm, and by nonsense. And I VERY STRONGLY LOVE YOU!!!


Dear rostovchane! Now you can congratulate relatives, friends on day of matrimony through and also to wish the significant other happy birthday or any other feast. We wait for your letters (it is desirable from those photos whom you congratulate) on a mark Ideal pair to the above-stated address. It is possible to dictate a congratulation by phone (863 291 - 06 - 00.

I Want to wish happy birthday my favourite Lenochku Sitkovu!

My lovely and favourite Elena,
My congratulations accept
In wonderful thy feast -
I wish with all the heart that you always were such -
Light, pure and native.
whole it is strong, I love, Vladimir.


the Decision to become the husband and the wife is always a responsible step, and wedding - a perfect feast from which there is a weight of impressions. For certain each of you in memory still had something bright and remembered. Share it with

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