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The Kirov schoolboys on Unified State Examination could bring a ruler

From this year Unified State Examination obligatory for all Russian graduates. At the Kirov pupils and their parents set of questions. The head of regional department of education Anatoly Churin has responded to some of them.

- the Order, the list of subjects, carrying out terms in 2009 of the state certification upon termination of training process at school are defined by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, - Anatoly Mihajlovich has reminded. - the Schedule of carrying out of uniform graduation examination in 2009 is confirmed by the order of Federal Agency of supervision in an education sphere and sciences.

the State (total) certification is spent in following general educational subjects: Russian, the literature, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, social science, foreign languages (English, French, German, Spanish), computer science also it is information - communication technologies (IKT).

- a leah other forms of carrying out of the state (total) certification, except Unified State Examination Are possible?

- the State (total) certification is spent in the form of Unified State Examination and the state final examination.

the State final examination instead of Unified State Examination hand over trained in special uchebno - educational establishments of the closed type for children and teenagers with deviantnym (socially dangerous) behaviour; in the establishments executing punishment in the form of imprisonment; graduates with the limited possibilities of health.

- What terms of carrying out of uniform graduation examination in 2009 and duration of examinations?

- For graduates of schools of 2009, graduates of the last years, trained educational institutions of initial professional and average vocational training, and also the persons who have received the average (full) general education in foreign educational institutions, following terms of carrying out of Unified State Examination at a stage of the state (total) certification are established:

on May, 26th - computer science and IKT, biology;

on May, 29th - Russian;

on June, 1st - geography, the literature;

on June, 4th - mathematics;

on June, 8th - foreign languages;

on June, 11th - social science, chemistry;

on June, 15th - history, physics.

Participants of Unified State Examination, for good reasons not passed examination in target dates, hand over:

on June, 11th - Russian;

on June, 15th - mathematics;

on June, 18th - foreign languages, social science, biology, physics;

on June, 19th - geography, chemistry, the literature, history, computer science and IKT.

Duration of Unified State Examination on the mathematician, the literature, computer science and IKT - 4 hours (240 minutes), on the physicist, history, social science - 3,5 hours (210 minutes), on Russian, biology, geography, chemistry - 3 hours (180 minutes), on foreign languages - 170 minutes.

- For whom there will pass preschedule certification?

- the Right to preschedule passage of certification is given to graduates of educational institutions of 2009 who according to Position about forms and an order of carrying out of the state (total) certification trained, have mastered the basic general educational programs of the average (full) general education. Preschedule certification will pass in following terms:

on April, 21st - Russian;

on April, 23rd - mathematics;

on April, 25th - foreign languages, the literature, physics;

on April, 27th - computer science and IKT, biology, social science;

on April, 29th - history, geography, chemistry;

on April, 30th - for participants of the Unified State Examinations which have not passed examination in separate general educational subjects for good reasons in target dates.

- What additional materials can use at examination?

- On Unified State Examination on the physicist calculation of a square root and trigonometrical functions, in chemistry - not programmed calculator, on geography - a ruler and a protractor is authorised to use a ruler and not programmed calculator providing performance of arithmetic actions.

- How much obligatory examinations the graduate of school should hand over?

- All graduates necessarily pass the Unified State Examination in Russian and mathematics. The graduate hands over other subjects for choice, on a voluntary basis. The graduate also defines quantity of examinations in a choice independently. For choice the graduate should submit the statement for passing examinations to educational institution not later than March, 1st, 2009.

- Who can take part in delivery of the state (total) certification?

- To the state (total) certification (GIA) graduates of educational institutions who have annual marks in all general educational subjects of the curriculum for 10, 11 (12) classes not below the satisfactory are supposed.

the Decision on the admission to GIA accepts faculty meeting of educational institution not later than May, 25th.

Graduates of educational institutions (OU) which have no accreditation, and also the persons who have mastered the basic general educational programs in the form of family education or self-education or in foreign OU, put in the statement on participation in the state certification in the accredited establishment for three months prior to the beginning of its carrying out. In addition they pass intermediate certification in the given educational institution.

- What terms and an order of the state (total) certification?

- Certification begins not earlier than May, 25th.

For the graduates who have passed the state (total) certification for good reasons, additional reserve days are established.

For those graduates whom call up for military service who leaves on sports competitions, the Olympic Games, competitions, reviews, on a constant residence or for training continuation in other state, and also under medical indications - certification is spent ahead of schedule, but not earlier than April, 20th.

the State final examination for graduates of educational institutions criminally - the executive system, released from punishment serving not earlier than for three months prior to the beginning of the state (total) certification, is spent not earlier than February, 20th.

- As this year knowledge of graduates will be estimated?

- At carrying out of the state (total) certification in the form of Unified State Examination it is used 100 - mark system of an estimation, in the form of the state final examination - 5 - mark system of an estimation.

Annually Rosobrnadzor in each general educational subject establishes the minimum quantity of points of the Unified State Examination, confirming development by the graduate of an educational program.

Thus if obligatory examinations (mathematics and Russian) are handed over well - the graduate receives the certificate and the certificate with results of Unified State Examination.

In case one obligatory examination is handed over unsatisfactorily, the graduate is repeatedly supposed to its delivery in additional terms. If both obligatory examinations are handed over unsatisfactorily, the graduate receives the inquiry on training in educational institution. The right to pass certification for the given subjects is given to it not earlier than in a year.

this year to graduates - to winners and prize-winners of the All-Russia Olympic Games in the certificate the mark " is exposed; perfectly in a subject of a corresponding profile.

- What documents will be received by the graduate of school this year?

- Following the results of development of the basic general educational programs of the average (full) general education in 2009. The graduate will receive the certificate about the average (full) general education and the certificate with results of Unified State Examination in all handed over subjects.