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In new year the dollar will cost 9 - 10 thousand roubles - the forecast of experts

If inflation actually in 2012 does not exceed 19 - 22 % the US dollar exchange rate can be predicted within 9 - 10 thousand Belarus roubles for one « the American ». About it on a press - conferences were told by the senior analyst Forex Club in Belarus Valery Polhovsky. And gross national product growth, under its forecasts, will not exceed 2 %.

the Analyst has reminded that after association of two trading sessions at a stock exchange the course continues to fluctuate in a small corridor.

- But inflation is not necessary on a place, it grows almost on 10 % a month. As a result the real exchange rate faints, - quotes expert BelaPaN. - And it leads to washing away of effect from devaluation. That is again competitiveness of the Belarus goods starts to fall. Therefore the Natsbank should correct a real exchange rate of rouble on a rate of inflation if we aim at achievement of higher rates of economic growth.

« wrote that   « the Dollar exchange rate will be as the cardiogramme ».

- to Tell, what will be a course for January, 1st, 2012, cannot neither you, nor I, someone from great analysts - economists, - spoke the head of Natsbank Nadezhda Ermakova. - Though in the calculations which we make and on 2011 - j, and for 2012, we would like, that our Belarus rouble has a little bit become stronger. Roughly it, probably, will be 7 - 8 thousand roubles for dollar.