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In Prikamye on a complex on milk manufacture have found rough sanitary infringements

the Head of Chastinsky area it was converted to experts of Rosselhoznadzora with the request for check of a cattle-breeding complex « Pihtovsky ». Under this reference experts   have arranged on a complex, milk engaged in manufacture, off-schedule check and was revealed by many infringements of requirements of the veterinary legislation of the Russian Federation.

In particular, on a complex the territory has not been fenced, at the main entrance are not equipped sanitary propusknik and the disinfection block for transport, the zone of storage of manure is not enclosed by a fence. Is absent ubojno - sanitary point for cattle slaughter for intraeconomic needs and the urged slaughter, disinfection of industrial premises is not spent. Infringements are revealed and at recycling of a biological waste: on a biothermal hole there is no hatch, its territory is not fenced by a continuous fence, on perimetre the trench is not dug out.

- the Listed facts are infringement of requirements at once several acts. By a complex management are broken « Veterinarno - sanitary rules for the enterprises (complexes) for milk manufacture on an industrial basis » « the Instruction on disinfection at the enterprises for milk manufacture on an industrial basis » « Veterinarno - sanitary rules of gathering, recycling and destruction of a biological waste » the federal law « About veterinary science » - informs Upravlenie Rosselhoznadzora on the Perm edge. - on the facts of the revealed infringements concerning the legal person action about administrative infringement is brought. Writs about elimination of infringements are given out. Their execution is on control of experts of Management of Rosselhoznadzora on the Perm edge.