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The Savings Bank develops dairy animal industries in Primorski Krai

Credits « Business - the Active » and « Business - Invest » for a period of 5 years has issued in Seaside branch 8635 Savings Banks of Russia the agricultural enterprise of small-scale business of Open Company SHPK « Eridan ». As the guarantor the Guarantee fund of Primorski Territory has acted. On proceeds of credit 550 goals of young growth of a horned cattle of high dairy efficiency will be got. Solemn signing of the credit contract has taken place in the Center of development of business of the Savings Bank on the Ocean prospectus, 110 (d/ about 0186).

– Subjects of small business make 98 % of our corporate clients and very actively use credit products of the Savings Bank, – the assistant tells 8635 Open Societies operating Seaside branch « the Savings Bank of Russia » Elena Baklanova. – The conclusion of the given credit contract convincingly proves that edge small-scale business realises today the long-term investment projects of industrial character strengthening economy of region and creating new workplaces. It is assured that extra means of bank will be and to promote agriculture development in Primorski Krai further.

Assistance in transaction preparation to its parties has rendered Seaside regional branch of the all-Russian public organisation « the SUPPORT of Russia ».

– Our organisation acts as the public guarantor of decency of the client, its abilities to be responsible undertaken, – the chairman of the ABM of Open Company « explains; the SUPPORT of Russia » Igor Savinov. – I believe that a successful example of Open Company SHPK « Eridan » becomes exciting and for other small and average enterprises of region.

Open Company SHPK « Eridan » is in with. Borisovka Ussuriisk area also is engaged in horned cattle cultivation, milk and meat manufacture. As have explained at the enterprise, the credit in the Savings Bank will help the company to improve qualitatively a number of cattle and to adjust own dairy manufacture. Cows will be got is black - motley and is red - motley golshtinskoj breeds with potential nadoja not less than 6   000 litres of milk annually. The basic supplier of cattle becomes Open Company « Plempredprijatie Seaside ».