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In the Irkutsk region on BAMe cars have descended from rails with coal

Today in 5 o`clock in the morning local time in the north of the Irkutsk region on BAMe , a railway stage Lena East – CHudnichnyj   VSZHD the cargo train has turned over. 8 cars have descended From rails with coal, having partitioned off tracks. Movement of passenger trains should be suspended temporarily.

- the reasons of a descent of cars are now found out, - the service of corporate communications VSZHD makes comments on a situation. – During incident nobody has suffered, ecological threat to environment is not present.

On VSZHD the special commission led by fulfilling duties of the chief East - the Siberian railway Nikolay Maklyginym is now created. To clear away tracks, on a scene regenerative trains from stations Severobajkalsk have operatively been directed, to Korshuniha and Kirenga. They have already started to work.

- clearing of the hurt site of a way of a stage Lena - Chudnichnyj VSZHD from the derailed cars Now is conducted, - continue in a press - service VSZHD. – There is begun restoration of the hurt site of a way and packing relsoshpalnoj lattices.

As inform in VSZHD, from - for clearings of tracks on the hurt site, the passenger train 92 « is late; Moscow - Severobajkalsk ». Passengers have provided with potable water. If time of the urged parking is tightened more than at 4 o`clock, to people will give an additional food.

Where to be converted to learn about a delay of trains

Experts find out the reasons of a derailment of cars with coal
the Photo: it is given a press - service VSZHD