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Before court the man who alive has burnt the child and his mother

the Crime the moron will appear has made in 2007. In the end of 2006 - go he has lost in maps of 150 thousand roubles to the friend Verdievu. That has suggested a debt to fulfil: is supposedly at me familiar with the son, it is necessary to kill them, and apartment to sell. Elman has agreed. On January, 6th they have suggested the woman to have a rest on the nature together with the son. There they have poured their gas mixture and have set fire alive. The apartment it really managed to be sold.

- Verdiev   it is detained after commission of crime, it is denounced, and after time has died in   imprisonment places. Long time Allahverdiev absconded, however in 2011 has been detained in the city of Ust - Ilimsk of the Irkutsk region where has been convicted of attempt at sale of narcotics, - the Aurora Roman, the senior assistant administrator of investigatory management SKR across Primorski Territory has told. – him accuse under articles « Murder » and « Robbery ».

Shortly the man will be responsible for the actions before court – has put already there have passed.