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Transport policemen have presented detdomovtsam snails

- children having a delay of mental development live In children`s home 5, 7 of which - disabled from childhood. Therefore, leaning against long-term experience, it decided to give more attention to dialogue of children with animals. Excursion in the film logic centre, passing in the summer, has included the story how it is important to find common language with animals and how much   the big responsibility   - their maintenance, and in the autumn pupils of children`s home have asked to organise for themselves a nature corner. On behalf of all transport police of the Far East to beginning naturalists we have presented snails of rare breed of Ahatina. Now children care of the pupils, with interest observing of their growth and development, - has told « the senior inspector PDN Khabarovsk LU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on transport Tatyana Shadrin.

- At small big - for this reason the attention and compassion to similar children is very important to show all problems in time. Our management about one year assists children`s home 5   Khabarovsk, - the chief Khabarovsk LU tells the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on transport, the colonel of police Vladimir Zemsky. - Inspectors on affairs of minors organise for pupils of children`s home of excursion in film logic service, acquaint them with work OMON of transport police and tell about combat material and the weapon which is adopted.

the fund raising Organized by inspectors PDN in favour of sponsored children`s home has allowed to get for needs of establishment the musical centre and microphones, and also neon illumination on an assembly hall scene where take place rehearsals of feasts. All it is necessary that pupils did not feel restrained in attention or possibilities and, appearing on stage, were liberated, without feeling weight of an orphanhood, informs a press - service Khabarovsk LU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on transport.