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For the visa the official from Bashkiria has demanded a bribe - 300 thousand roubles and two geese

the employee of committee on management of state property of one of areas of Bashkiria became the Victim of gastronomic predilections. In the end of November to it the local resident with the request was converted to help to receive the ground area under an integrated poultry farm. For works the official has asked a bribe in the sum 300 thousand roubles. But has then thought...

- From you still two geese! - he has added during the next meeting. - New Year`s feasts soon …

the Muzhik was stunned: well it is fine money, it still as - that can be worried. But the bird is too! Such rates it before its opening will ruin all factory. Also has gone to police. So the farmer began to help bodies: at first has passed the extortioner of 15 thousand roubles, then 180 thousand more. And here the official has understood that it watch. Has jumped out of the car of the farmer and has given the such I tear up what to catch up with it and to detect in the act it has not turned out.

Not at once it was possible to find money and during a search of the house of the servant of the people. It has appeared, mzdoimets has put by them in a bundle of fire wood.

- the Accused official now under house arrest, - has told «» the head a press - services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Bashkiria.

to It threatens till 12 years of prison. Well and the fighter for justice does not lose hope all - taki to open the farm. Perhaps it will occupy from it hardly more time, but is lawful also all geese will be whole.