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The Somali pirates have decided to take rest

As informs BBC, referring to statistics of the European naval forces patrolling coastal waters of Somalia and the western part of Indian ocean, last month awesome Somali pirates attacked passing vessels only 12 times though it is equal one year ago, in November, 2010, such attacks has been made 35, that is in 3 times it is more. From 12 attacks only and that it is partially possible to consider one successful. In 2010 of successful attacks was 7.

experts basically explain Decrease in activity of pirates growing number of armed security forces by the ships. More and more the ships passing through dangerous waters, arm with a barbed wire and water guns.

However pirates on - former continue to keep at least 200 hostages grasped for the purpose of reception of the repayment, and 8 ships in the Somali waters or in neighbouring countries. Besides, activity of pirates in November was not favoured by weather. Now, after the termination of a season of monsoons, their activity should grow and they will start to put to sea again.