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State of emergency on BAMe in the Irkutsk region: the Investigatory committee inspects

East - the Siberian investigatory management on transport SK of Russia the beginning dosledstvennuju check upon a derailment on BAMe cars with coal . Experts now find out that became a cause of accident. After check inspectors will solve, to raise or not criminal case.

- Under our data, ten cars have descended from rails with coal, - inform in East - the Siberian investigatory management on transport . – the Injured descent is not present. There are damages of tracks. Now failure consequences are eliminated.

we Will remind, a cargo train on a railway stage Lena East – CHudnichnyj BAMa has turned over today in 5 o`clock in the morning local time. 8 cars have descended from rails with coal, having partitioned off ways. It is hurt about 150 metres of railroad tracks. Movement of passenger trains on the hurt site should be suspended temporarily. Details > >

- the Branch at us on this site BAMa only one, - tell in a press - service VSZHD . – While failure consequences are eliminated, the train 92 « is stopped; Moscow - Severobajkalsk ». In an opposite direction in 13. 50 local times are expected a train 98 « Tynda - Kislovodsk ». Most likely, he too will be detained. By this time to lay new ways it will not turn out.

we Will remind, all in a train « Moscow - Severobajkalsk » 65 passengers go. To the nearest stations Nebel and Kirenga 26 persons go. It is offered to them to go round an emergency stage by bus VSZHD to the next station Star. Therefrom for passengers the separate train will be prepared. Now all passengers are provided by potable water and a food. At station of station Lena it free of charge gives rest rooms. Details > >

« continues to watch succession of events.

Experts find out the reasons of a derailment of cars with coal
the Photo: it is given a press - service VSZHD