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In Krasnoyarsk will earn the centres of a free legal aid

The doors points will open tomorrow, on December, 7th in the Central area of the regional centre, but be converted behind the help any interested person can. In total it is planned to open such two centres.

In them students of final years of legal institute KrasGaU will work. Besides consultations concerning the legal right, here to Krasnoyarsk citizens will help to issue, for example, the statement of claim in court.

- On each question or the message senior students will be engaged in search of the corresponding information, will present inquiries, under the current legislation and, of course, will help to make necessary papers, - has told a press - the secretary of administration of the Central area Ekaterina Barashkina.

Law students will advise townspeople weekly – on Wednesdays from 17 o`clock till 19 o`clock, and it is absolutely free.

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Where points of a free legal aid in Krasnoyarsk will open?

1. Berezina, 90 (mkrn. Pokrovka); bodies. (391 220 - 09 - 17

2. Bitter, 10 bodies. (391 211 - 89 - 30

Business hours: with 17. 00 to 19. 00 (every Wednesday)