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The smallest inhabitants of Khabarovsk will take part in an ornament of a main square of a city

- We have already started to take out ice blocks for an ornament of a city from a pond, whence constantly throughout several years we take ice for ice figures, - ice sculptor Sergey Loginov tells. – I to live now I will be on the area of a name of Lenin and in park « literally; the Dynamo » where the main New Year`s small towns will traditionally settle down. Now work begins, still ahead.

Ice for ice sculptures traditionally extract on a pond around the market « Ali ». There there is an open-cast mine where when - that extracted clay for brick-works. All have developed it, and soon the thrown open-cast mine was filled with water, having turned to a pond. Water there, according to Sergey Loginov, pure and just approaches for creation of ice figures. It is necessary to it to freeze properly as by means of special saws ice blocks are cut out and placed into the square, in city park and so on.

- Objects in a city much, we choose all ice from a pond, - Sergey Loginov smiles.

this year ice it is required especially much. We will remind, on a main square of Khabarovsk ice masters under the direction of Sergey Loginov are going to make a huge ice dragon of 73 metres. It will consist of 37 blocks of ice, and its command will do of 100 artists and sculptors.        

Also children will take part in New Year`s registration of the area of a name of Lenin. Magazine « to Grow with Khabarovsk » together with Sergey Loginov declared competition of sketches on the best ice sculpture. The best sketches not only will receive prizes, but also with some changes will be used by adult masters for an area ornament.