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In Kishinev at the government House there has passed sale in protest

Group of the protenstants organised by Sotsial - democratic party, has gathered at the government House, having grasped with itself the different things which were in the use to sell to their officials. People have informed that want to raise thus money for payment of invoices for utilities.

Executive secretary SDP Sergey Koropchanu has declared that the action is continuation of the protests organised and last weeks. The protest is organised on Wednesday because, as a rule, the government gathers for sessions this day weeks.

  - Unfortunately, today government session will not take place, as the prime minister - the minister is in Czechia. Here again we have a question. Why together with the prime minister - a number of directors of the enterprises - monopolists, the enterprises is the minister there, on which the prime minister - the minister should put things in order, the enterprises which have raised tariffs? And the answer is obvious: because the prime minister - the minister should settle an account for a trip, and not only to it, but also those who surrounds it. That occurs today in our country, is a shame, - Sergey Koropchanu has concluded.

- We demand resignation of the government and ministers who sit in the warm armchairs and do not wish to leave to the people to take an interest in our life. We do not have not enough money even on bread! - the participant of the protest Lydia Sholdonenko has told. The woman has added that has come to suggest to buy to ministers its things to raise any money for payment of invoices.

Other participant of the action Larissa Trachenko has declared that to people, especially pensioners, it is necessary to survive in literal sense.

  - We are urged to sell things which when - that bought. I have worked all life the engineer, and now anybody does not care of us, - the woman has told.

we Will notice that Sotsial - the democratic party organised protest actions on the area of Great national meeting three Saturdays on end, since November, 12th.