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On Sunday on « to the Tyumen winter » townspeople all - taki have won three apartments

This modest man, having extended yesterday the ticket from a drum in the Center of draw of gifts in 72 - j to school, not at once has learnt that the ticket happy. The employee of one of civil engineering firms of Tyumen Alexey Sergeevich Martynjuk has come on a feast with two small children. As children felt not very well from - for colds, Alexey Sergeevich has considered correct not to wait for the gift, standing in a queue, and has erased a ticket protective layer, only having come back home. So he has learnt that a feast « the Tyumen winter » has presented to their family apartment. To inform on itself Alexey Martynjuk has solved today. After a presentation the man of the ticket had been spent check: Ticket number corresponds to the report, on the ticket there is a press of the Center of draw of prizes which was put after the person extended the ticket, presence of the signature of Alexey Martynjuka in the list taken part in draw also is confirmed, informs a press - service of city administration.

After acknowledgement of authenticity of a prize the certificate on apartment reception has been handed over Alexey. The gift has had as it is impossible by the way: the family of Martynjuk participates in the program on maintenance with habitation of young families.

As has informed the chief executive of Welfare fund of a development of the city of Tyumen – one of organizers of a feast « the Tyumen winter » Belief of Barova, for today names of owners of three apartments and 16 cars are known. Townspeople can receive the gifts till December, 20th:

- cars and apartments – in Welfare fund of a development of the city of Tyumen (Tyumen, Malygin`s street, 51);

- home appliances – in shopping centre « M.Video » (Tyumen, street Shirotnaja, 80).