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In Blagoveshchensk there will be heroes of fairy tales of Pushkin

Now on a central square of a city of anything unusual while are not present if certainly not to consider wooden boxes for snow and a snow gun. But very soon they will be replaced by favourite heroes of our childhood – characters of immortal fairy tales of Pushkin: Heat - a bird, the Goldfish, the Mermaid, the Tsarevna - the Swan and other fantastic people. By data a press - services of administration of Blagoveshchensk , all artists will put 24 figures: 7 ice and 17 snow, and in the centre at a fountain will appear Father Frost with the Snow Maiden and figures 2012.

organizers of small town about blagoveshchentsah Have taken care different years: for kids will construct 4 small hills in the form of Emeli on the furnace, the Golden Cockerel and other characters. For children is more senior two average hills in shape the Snake - Gorynycha and the fantastic ship will put. For absolutely adult the big hill in style of fairy tales « is provided; At the Curved seashore ».

to Enter into a snow kingdom it will be possible from the different parties, the intricate fencing it will allow. Main character of New year – a fur-tree – will stand up for a scene. Details about a light-emitting diode design « the Fountain » organizers while hold back, it should become a surprise for townspeople.