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In the Kaliningrad region the large party of counterfeit toys from China

In the Kaliningrad region law enforcement officers is detained have detained large party of counterfeit toys from China. More than eight thousand dolls and robots, get they on counters, would represent the present danger to small buyers. Cheap falling off plastic, abnormally bright colour and a sharp chemical smell to that podstverzhdenija.

Igrushi have been detained on customs fast of seaport of Baltiysk. Have raised the doubts of field investigators and waybills on the goods, and a kind of packings. According to the decision of the arbitration court which has recognised large party of toys kontrafaktom, scale operation on their destruction has begun. Sending of eight thousand dolls and transformers on range of a household waste needed some minibuses.

Recently in the Russian market cases of import of large parties of cheap fakes from China and Ukraine have become frequent. Customs officers constantly stop penetration on territory of the Russian Federation of counterfeit sweets, chocolate, toys, bags, mobile phones. Almost in all cases examination which spend after goods withdrawal, shows that counterfeit production contains toxic substances, passes Messages. Ru.