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The expert: Kudrin is authority for the active public

the Former Minister of Finance, Alexey Kudrin is ready to participate in creation of the right political project. He has declared it in interview to the newspaper « Sheets ». Under Kudrin`s version, with the offer to head right party to it in the beginning of year president Medvedev was converted, however Kudrin`s decision then was affected by mistrust to the project. eks - the minister is quite capable to participate and head new political force which needs both the Kremlin and a society, the President of Institute of national strategy Michael Remizov considers:

It is its any personal strategy, and within the limits of this strategy, most likely, it had been made those statements which have led to its resignation. Now there is an inquiry about strengthening of the right flank of a political spectrum, this inquiry is and from above, from the Kremlin which traditionally aspires to that such right party has appeared. Also there is an inquiry from the active public which in essential degree is enzyme of those fermentations, those public processes which pour out on streets in the form of meetings. For this circle Kudrin is authority, a reference point. But I would not tell that it is the authoritative politician for that new city middle class which has declared itself during the Moscow meetings.