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Bijsky policemen have suffered in road accident

on December, 10th   in Biisk there was a road accident in which police officers have suffered.

-   In 19. 50 in Biisk on crossing of streets Mitrofanova and Industrial there was a failure. Somebody of Rodions And. I, idle, being drunk, followed on a motor vehicle « Subaru ». Has left on « counter » also has faced car « UAZ » - have told   to correspondents «» - Barnaul » in traffic police on the city of Biisk.

At the wheel office « an UAZ » there was inspector OR traffic police OGIBDD MU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia « Bijsky » the lieutenant of police of Libert of Century of Century As a result of failure it has received open crisis of a foot, and its passenger, to a word too the police officer, has got off with a brain concussion.

- Not only that the driver « Subaru » It was drunk, it at the moment of failure has been deprived the right to operate a vehicle, - the employee of department of propagation of traffic police on the city of Biisk Ivan Chetverjakov tells . – Not so long ago through his fault there was a failure, but it has disappeared from a road accident place. Victims were not. At present it is threatened with administrative arrest for last wrongdoings, and upon road accident which has occurred on December, 10th, the investigation is already carried on.