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Estonian Fathers Frost raise cost of the services

Estonian Fathers Frost in this season raise the prices for visits to citizens of the country. They explain the actions by increase of demand for the services and a fuel rise in price.

« Floor price of visit of the house makes about 38 euros. I since 2003 asked 32 euros, but for this money professionals will not go today any more » - has told Õ htuleht the chairman of association of Fathers Frost of Tartumaasky district of Ann Tobre, having assured that wishing to use this service, despite a rise in price suffices.

Father Frost from Valgamaa Jaanus Lajverik under the pressure of circumstances also has a little raised the price.

« Today Father Frost does not go from a family to a family, and goes on « the motorised sledge » - it has explained, having added that service has risen in price approximately for 50 crones (3,2 euros).

If private persons and firms will be urged to pay more than one year ago in kindergartens will try to save the former prices, informs an information portal rus. err. ee referring to DzD.