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In Volgograd from - for misuse in the house the steam copper

Yesterday, on December, 10th,   has blown up; all family of Kotovyh: mum, the father and 13 - summer Katya, were engaged in domesticities. At first have guided an ideal order in the house in Krasnoarmeysk area of Volgograd, then the girl has helped mum to make a dinner.

all are closer to five evenings have gathered on a verandah. There stood большоq a steam copper which gave to them warmly and hot water. It has already started to cool down, it was necessary to enclose boards, to kindle a vast object more feasibly. The father was engaged raspilkoj, mum with Katya threw logs.

During any moment deafening explosion was distributed. One of boards has flown away in a foot to the family head, the girl standing most close, has received a strong burn.

- At the man shin crisis, the woman has got off with easy burns, and here the girl now lies in resuscitation, its status is estimated, as the heavy stable. We now inspect, most likely, explosion has occurred from - for device misuse, - has told «» Artem Alyshev, the inspector Krasnoarmejsky FROM SOU SKR across the Volgograd region.