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Suffered from an attack of a shark Denis Udovenko will create the site where will tell about how the Inhabitant of Vladivostok who after an attack of a shark remained this summer without hands was restored after tragedy

, has come to work. Denis Udovenko works the programmer, thus presence of artificial limbs does not affect in any way work. It is now occupied by creation of the site where will tell about how it was restored after tragedy and will share advice with those who was comprehended by a similar misfortune. Details at the correspondent Xenias Voronezhtsevoj:

Denis Udovenko has learnt to operate correctly artificial limbs, and also can independently eat, drink and work on the computer. To this trip, according to the father, could not pour to itself a cup of tea at all. On December, 12th Denis has returned for the favourite work. By a trade it the programmer. It passed treatment in Germany. Now his hands swelled up, for some months they should decrease in sizes. So landing of artificial limbs should be corrected. While the guy is going to create a site, where will tell how to pick up treatment, artificial limbs and other helpful information to the people who have appeared in a similar situation.

we Will remind, on August, 17th the shark has attacked Denis Udovenko in a bay Teljakovsky, having bitten off it both hands on an elbow and having hurt a foot. At first two operations in Seoul have been performed, also he has received medical treatment in German clinic.