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the Representative of GAI has made the Saratov line paid

- Children, well we and so all we unfasten! What else paid roads, how much it is possible?! Already receipts write out yours, absolutely fear have lost! – about such complaint GAI officers from one of drivers have heard. Calling it has appeared the trucker from Samara. Has driven with cargo on territory of the Saratov region, has stopped in a cafe to have dinner. And here for it as though already waited. The man has approached to it and on a blue eye has declared that goes dalnobolshchik not by rules. All roads to the Saratov region are divided, so, it is necessary to pay for them. It is ready to write out the receipt. A pier, very conveniently, on fasts of GAI will not stop. Taken aback drove has agreed, and has there and then received the check for 750 roubles: a fare. And only when the representative of GAI has passed out of sight, has guessed to call in police.

- the Swindler took near to that cafe, at it have found two checks for one thousand both 1200 roubles and a mobile phone with another`s sim card, - has told in a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Saratov region. – on receipts appeared: Road has paid on all fasts of GAI there was a sum and the signature further: artik.

the Consequence declares, has carried that the speculator have caught quickly. He was in time to work only day, probably, therefore also did not disdain to take a tribute mobile phones. It seems that was afraid that its business can quickly be covered and a payment under receipts it and will not receive.

the Swindler have sentenced to two years and two months in a high security colony.