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The speculator has inflated the Ural banks on two billion roubles

Employees of the main investigatory management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Sverdlovsk area very much want to know, where disappears 42 - summer Alexey Palferov .   And its policemen across all Russia search.   and all because this enterprising citizen has managed to type credits for two billion roubles . Also has not returned them.

Alexey Palferov as the worthy continuer of business of Ostapa Bendera, was rubbed in trust to banks and was represented by the director of two companies - Open Company « Region - Service » and Joint-Stock Company « Ural Mountains - Hotel - the Standard ». The pseudo-businessman showed off and showed documents on which he owned various real estate. In particular - hostel « Ural Mountains - Hotel ». Under property which actually did not belong to it, Alexey Palferov and asked credits from bankers. Surprisingly, but to it believed and willingly lent. Having collected more than two billions roubles, the swindler as if has evaporated.

- criminal case is brought. Now inspectors establish a circle of persons which could be involved in commission of crime, - Tatyana Vasileva has told the liaison officer with the public and the press of GSU GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Sverdlovsk area. - All who knows about Alexey Palferova`s site, we ask to give the information in an investigatory part of GSU GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Sverdlovsk area by phone (343 358 - 73 - 16.