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Flash of poisonings in Nalchik is called norovirusnoj by an infection

- Recent flash of an intestinal infection in Nalchik is called norovirusom, and also rotavirusom and other versions of an intestinal flu, - inform in Rospotrebnadzore KBR.

in this connection, department recommends to the authorities of Nalchik to take measures on maintenance of townspeople with safe good-quality water and the qualitative foodstuffs.

we Will remind,   in the night from 5 on December, 6th   in   steel city hospitals   to arrive patients with complaints to a headache, a nausea, vomiting, weakness and a liquid chair. Some patients had a high temperature.

All with an infection 200 persons were ill from above. Now illness has gone on the recession, many patsinenty are written already out from hospitals.

the Inquiry

Norovirusnaja an infection – an acute enteric infection. The virus is allocated from the sick person with natural departures and others vydelenijami, for example, vomiting. Transfer ways: to a thicket - eating, water and kontaktno - household.   Norovirus it is very infectious. Even the smallest particles of a dust with norovirusom call disease. Illness is most dangerous to physically weakened persons, aged and children. A susceptibility to norovirusam universal, data on occurrence of immunity after disease – the uncertain.