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In New Year`s feasts in Bottom will lodge 20 - metre Zmej Gorynych

Nizhni Novgorod will be completely decorated and ready on December, 15th to commemorating of New year. On the area of Minina installation of the main fur-tree of a city comes to an end, in all areas there was an illumination. But the basic celebrations wait nizhegorodtsev in the end of December.

- all on the areas, at theatres and recreation centres of the regional centre this year it will be spent about 700 representations, - the director of department of culture, sports and the youth policy Sergey Gorin has reported today to the head of administration. -   the program of New Year`s street walks will open on December, 24th in 16. 00 procession along the street Big Pokrovsk. The carnival will head 20 - a metre figure of the Dragon of Gorynycha. The dramatized procession will proceed to the area of Minina and Pozharsky where celebratory representation and summarising of festival of New Year trees will take place. On the night of January, 1st, 2012 guljanija will be organised on all central squares of a city, since 00. 00 and to 3. 00. The city New Year`s feast will pass on the area of Minina and Pozharsky on January, 1st with 14. 00 to 18. 00. In New Year`s vacation Nizhni Novgorod will receive festival of arts « Christmas days of orthodox culture ». This year the big celebratory concert at opera and ballet theatre of A.S.Pushkin becomes on January, 7th the central event.