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In Voronezh as mushrooms grow fur-trees

« wrote about preparation of Voronezh for New year. On Lenin`s area already have completely mounted the main fur-tree. From now on will start its ornament, and through three - chetyrja day it will appear before voronezhtsami in all beauty.

this year townspeople will be pleased with some tens the New Year trees which have been dressed up by toys and celebratory illumination – not only official regional, but also the large enterprises put by forces and the organisations – at the offices, trading houses, on the open areas, in parks. And, where - that will be decorated by naturally growing trees, and where - that – to collect the artificial.

And from tens fur-trees have already dressed up. For example, green beauties in spheres and garlands please an eye in the street Koltsovsky (at the Center of Gallery of Tchizhov), on Moskovsky prospectus (at the kitchen trading house), in the market « Cathedral » in Victory park (at TRTS « Arena »).  

addresses where will establish other fur-trees, we will publish in the near future.

the Fur-tree at the Temple in Northern area.
a photo: Tatyana PODJABLONSKY