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The IMF wants to increase the reserves on half-trillion

Judging by messages of the Air Forces, at Kristin Lagard, managing directors of IMF, good appetite. The next years trillion dollars can be necessary for it. She wants to use additional money for the help to the countries of the eurozone captured by debt crisis.

« Being based on estimations of our analysts of requirements for the world economy finance, - it is told in the statement of IMF, the main financial organisation of a planet which includes 187 states, - the fund needs to involve additional resources on 500 billion dollars ».

Now in IMF reserves, we will remind, 590 billion, but them, considering crisis going deep in Europe, will be obviously insufficiently for performance of the functions by it. The additional financing most part will be given most likely by Europe. At the December summit the European leaders have promised to bring in reserves of fund about 200 billion euro. With their help of IMF can increase delivery of credits to the problem European countries of type of Greece or to the European fund of financial stability. However, last month David Cameron has not supported the offer on increase in reserves of IMF. So EU final decision on this question is yet accepted.