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Court enforcement officers of the Novosibirsk region have found the debtor under a heap of blankets

In Chanovsky area recently there was rather amusing case concerning, however, of a gloomy subject - debts on payment of the alimony. So, the judgement about collecting of the alimony from the inhabitant of one of remote settlements of Chanovsky area was on hands of court enforcement officers for a long time already. Here only it was not possible to find its houses in any way. Time have come, the second, the third - and all houses are not present the Siberian, only its brother makes a helpless gesture and politely speaks: Come another time, you look, and will find my brother . And so could proceed still for a long time if police officers all - taki have not come once for a threshold.

- When police officers have come home to the debtor in the fourth time, the door was again opened by his brother, - have told in a press - service of Management of federal service of court enforcement officers of Russia across the Novosibirsk region. - The near relation has once again declared that the necessary citizen is absent. Having received an explanation from the brother, court enforcement officers, according to the law « About executive manufacture » have decided to check up again a property status of the debtor and have come into the house...

Also have seen there the unexpected: in one of rooms that debtor has hidden... Under a heap of blankets. Probably, hoped that it will not see. However with sight at court enforcement officers all was as it should be - they have taken the citizen from under blankets, and have handed over it the prevention of a criminal liability - under article Malicious evasion from payment of means for the maintenance of children . And a week later the debtor himself was in department of court enforcement officers and has completely paid off under the alimony, for time having paid 53 thousand roubles. By the way, such cases in the Novosibirsk region - not a rarity. What servants of the law only did not face - from them hid in a case, under a bed and etc. In a word, some Siberians are ready to play any prjatki if only not to pay the debts even if it is a question of their own children.