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Wreck Concordia will manage to its owners in kopeck

the Sum about such level to owners « Concordia » it is necessary to pay, if the ship manages to be rescued. If the vessel is not subject to repair and it should be written off, to this sum company Costa Cruises, the proprietress of the liner, and its parental company Carnival Cruises will be urged to add and its cost – 650 million.

Management Carnival Cruises yet has not accepted the final decision what to do with « Concordia » but even in case of write-off of losses in the sum more than three quarters of billion dollars the company, the leader of sector kruiznoj the industries, 100 ships having more and 11 world famous brands, remains afloat.

Nevertheless board Carnival Cruises prepares for a tsunami of bills of passengers of the liner. Accident has already negatively affected cost of its actions which have lost over 14 % of the price. Loss of incomes from « Concordia » by estimations of analytical company Morningstar, will make from 85 to 95 million dollars.

Fortunately for Carnival Cruises, wreck has occurred in Italy, instead of at coast USA where the owner sat down on a bank or the sunk ship can ruin megaclaims. According to lawyers on a marine law, the Italian laws limit the sums of indemnifications to the victim in reasonable figures. Most likely, claims of victims should be assorted to court of Genoa, the port of registry « Kosty Concordia ». At present the claim is prepared by the Italian organisation of protection of the rights of consumers. It have already joined over 70 participants of ill-starred cruise. According to Karlo Rientsi, the chairman of this group, its problem - to achieve payment for each passenger of the ship of indemnification for moral experiences and the spoilt rest in the sum at least 12733 dollars.