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Last year the Blagoveshchensk judges have considered 59 affairs about non-payment of the alimony

As employees the Blagoveshchensk Office of Public Prosecutor inform, the affairs, the alimony concerning non-payment on the maintenance of children, in comparison with 2010 on 38 pieces became less. Immutable there is only one: basically from payment the parents deprived of the rights to the child evade. 14 from them careless mummies.

As a rule, for such crimes the court appoints punishment in the form of forced hard labour so the infringer has a possibility to earn and pay a debt under the alimony. For example, Dimovu O which deprived of the parental rights for three of children and has saved up by November, 2010 a debt in 32   400 roubles, the court has sentenced to 6 months of corrective works. From the money earned by the woman every month it was subtracted on 10 percent and went to the state income.

to pay off debts by means of forced labour everything use Possibility not, some absolutely weaned to work even after the adjudication continue to ignore both debts, and the imposed employment. So, blagoveshchenets Kalinin O instead of leaving on the place of work appointed to it and to fulfil a debt under the alimony, has very quietly continued to drink. For it the court has replaced to it 7 months of works as 2 months and 10 days of the conclusion in a colony - settlement. By the way since December, 2011 punishment for malicious defaulters has become tougher: now for evasion from the alimony and corrective works it is possible to sit down for a year.