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To Stavropol Territory two Uzbeks have finished with the companion

on January, 15th, 2012 Stavropol Territory people have found a body in a court yard of one of high-rise buildings of the city of Mihajlovska 43 - the summer man of east kind with closed cranial - a brain trauma, and numerous bruises. Inspectors have filed criminal charges under article deliberate causing of heavy harm to the health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim .

Policemen have detained suspected of this crime. They had appeared 37 - summer and 49 - summer citizens of Uzbekistan.

- on January, 15th three Uzbeks, conducted painting and decorating in one of 10 - floor houses in the city of Mihajlovske. Between men there was a quarrel, two men have cruelly beaten the third, that has died. After the unfortunate has ceased to breathe, malefactors have dumped its body with 8 - go a floor, - have told in management of investigatory committee on Stavropol Territory.

Citizens of Uzbekistan, most likely, will take into custody.