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The West can apply power measures concerning Iran

the West can begin military operation against Iran. Such assumption head has voiced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain William Hejg who has declared that against vsevozrastajushchej dangers which the Iranian nuclear workings out, the power action vpolnemozhet represent to be considered as one of behaviour variants.

At this Hejg has underlined that official London does not act as the supporter of military operation, and intends to strengthen sanktsionnoe pressure upon Iran on purpose more likely to return Islamic Republic for a negotiating table.

Certainly, we do not call for carrying out of military operation and we do not act as its supporters. We are supporters of substantial negotiations if Iran on them goes, and increasing pressure of sanctions in attempt to achieve from Iran flexibility - the minister has declared.

the USA and a number of other countries of the West accuse Iran of working out of the nuclear weapon under cover of the program of peace atom. In particular, in last report of IAEA it was said that Iran tries to create the nuclear weapon since 2003.

Teheran rejects all charges, declaring that its program is directed on working out of peace atom.