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The Mongolian diplomats in Irkutsk will meet year of the Dragon in a yurta near consulate

the Mongolian diplomats   in Irkutsk   g odes of the Dragon   will meet in the present yurta which costs in territory   consulates, near to the basic building, in the centre of Irkutsk. To wait there for feast approach   it is necessary to them all night long. However,   on a lunar calendar the Buryat and Mongols it will come not on January, 23rd, as at Chineses,   and with the first beams of the sun on February, 22nd.     not to freeze, employees of consulate   have agreed   with Irkutsk scientists about... nanopolov.  

- we want to meet the Mongolian New year on February, 22nd in a yurta which is our national symbol, - Consul general Azadyn Baatartsogt has told. - We will invite to a feast of visitors and we will note New year according to the Mongolian traditions.

Irkutsk scientists have agreed - will be to Mongols in their yurta nanopoly. At temperature behind a window - 40 degrees there promise heat, approximately 22 degrees. Thus, the temperature indoors will be samorigulirovatsja. The clever heating system itself will pick up an optimum microclimate in a yurta.

- the Heating heating system of floors which we use,   it is unique, - informs a press - service IrGTU. – It is created on base nanostrukturirovannyh heating elements. Innovative working out belongs to scientists of our university.

Will make and will establish heaters in the Mongolian yurta till the end of January. By the way, nanobum   has reached already and the Mongolia. This winter   in 40 Mongolian yurtas will establish heat-insulated floors. Over   as the project work in the Uhlan - Batore Irkutsk engineers. By the way, nanopoly not only will help Mongols to make their dwellings more warmly, but also will solve the main problem of a city – Strong smoke blanketing.