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In Bashkiria the speculator has exchanged to the pensioner the present money on toy

In October area to republic in the afternoon at a door to 93 - the summer pensioner was called by the woman and it was presented by the social worker. The guest has told that in the country new monetary denominations have entered, and present banknotes will shortly become invalid. The trusting grandfather has admired the shown care and has there and then brought to the speculator of 22 thousand roubles which has exchanged for twenty 100 - rouble false denominations and on two denominations face value in 10 thousand roubles!

What there was an amazement of the old man when in the first shop to it have informed that instead of money at it on card hands! He has there and then called in police which have therein learnt that this « the social worker » has walked on several pensioners at an entrance. Fortunately the others on dodge of the speculator have not got.

- According to the victim we have made an identikit of the woman, - have told to us in the Ministry of Internal Affairs on republic . – By sight to it 30 - 35 years, growth 165 - 170 sm, a dense constitution, the person oval, a dark curly hair, the direct nose, full lips. Has been dressed in a black jacket, a jeans skirt.

If to you any information on this woman we ask you to inform under number 02 is known.