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Metropolitan Tula and Efremovsky has made a rank of sanctification of water

Today, on January, 19th, all believers celebrate epiphany Is Lord`s.

In Navecherie the Epiphany (eve of epiphany) a metropolitan Tula and Efremovsky Alex has made a rank of sanctification of water in the Vsehsvjatsky cathedral church of Tula.

- All our life near to us a great relic - holy water! The consecrated water is an image of grace of Bozhiej: it clears believing people of spiritual filths, consecrates and strengthens them to rescue exploit in God, - a metropolitan has told. - In such simple substance as water, we see an embodiment of Triedinstva – as the Trinity unites forms of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost so water unites three forms - statuses – ice, a liquid and steam. Sanctification to water primitive sanctity and cleanliness comes back, siloju prayers and words of Bozhija blessing is reduced on it Is Lord`s. It not that water on which the grandma has whispered, and you have drunk   - also it is healthy, without any doctors. To be treated by holy water without belief – animal business … to Concern holy water it is necessary, as to a miracle of grace of Bozhiej! To partake it follows trusting in God, - there was a person, has crossed, has asked blessing at the Lord for the begun day, has washed, returned grace and has accepted a great relic. And then a breakfast and other affairs. Then also it will not be necessary to type its tubs and in litres … Then evaporations from one small drop will be an inexhaustible source of Bozhiej of pleasure and happiness!

In end of the sermon the Lord Alex catechized all believing to remember that the Lord gives to everyone not meroju, and in all completeness of the grace: « the Lord has vested people with consciousness and freedom that they were lucky enough to love. The love is the highest blessing with which the Lord has endowed people because Itself has immensely loved them. I wish you to love all creations of Bozhii, to love each other and most of all to love God, as the Source of this love ».