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In Vladivostok there was a new traffic light

From - under the bridge to turn on it towards Yumashev was always problematic – the steam of cars rushing with Kotelnikova, always strove to strike in bochinu. That, basically, happened often enough. On the instructions of Igor Pushkarev here at last - that have put a traffic light – turn to the right thanks to additional section is resolved constantly, and here directly it periodically constrains movement. Till 16 o`clock it will show blinking yellow, from 16 o`clock till 17 o`clock – 30 seconds for a stream with Kotelnikova on Yumashev and 20 seconds for a stream with Baljaeva from - under the bridge on Yumashev, and from 17 o`clock till 21 o`clock   - 45 seconds for one and 20 seconds for others accordingly.

- Now the traffic light works in a test mode and experts carry out monitoring of work given svetofornogo object. Within several days of a phase of its work will be corrected. Motorists ask to be attentive at movement on the given site of road and to observe traffic regulations, - have told in a press - service of administration of Vladivostok.