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At two inhabitants of Dzhalal - Abadsky area KR the diagnosis " is not confirmed; furiousness

According to head physician Dzhalal - Abadsky sanepidemtsentra Usonkula Zhorobaeva, at two hospitalised inhabitants Suzaksky the diagnosis « furiousness » it is not confirmed.

- the Status satisfactory, shortly they will leave, - Zhorobaev has specified.

we Will remind, 9   January two inhabitants has sat down Jeans - Zhangak of Suzaksky area Dzhalal - Abadsky area have suffered from an attack of a mad dog and have been hospitalised. Besides, in village Jeans - Ortok of Suzaksky area is fixed a case of disease by furiousness at a small cattle.

According to the head of department of state veterinary service Taalajbeka Turdumbetova, the veterinary service is obliged to spend vaccination of pets, including cats and the dogs, two times a year. However from - for absence of necessary preparations veterinary surgeons are urged to save and spend vaccination only in extreme cases.

- In Suzaksky area there is no vaccine from furiousness. At annual requirement of 40 thousand doses, the veterinary science department last year has given out only 18 thousand In 2011 at us 10 cases of furiousness among animals have been fixed. In it only from the beginning of year already 4 cases, and in two cases have suffered people, - the official has explained.